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About It's Our City

canal corridor north car park

'It's Our City' is a group of Lancaster residents who came together when the Centros proposals to develop the Canal Corridor area were announced in 2006.

The City Council's 'preferred developer' Centros submitted 14 planning applications as part of a major retail development planned for the canal corridor north site based around a Debenham's department store and a multi-storey car park on St Leonards Gate. They also proposed to build a footbridge from the new development, over Stonewell, leading to the city centre.

The Centros plans were eventually rejected at a public inquiry in 2009, but now, in 2012, they are back with slightly modified plans that could make it even worse for the city. Our objections to these plans have changed very little since they were first proposed, showing that contrary to claims of a genuine consultation process, local taxpayers opinions have been ignored.

It's Our City is opposed to this proposed development on the following grounds:

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